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  • Who was the one to propose: Connor for sure. So much time has passed for Aveline that given her being the older of the two doesn’t quite question their relationship. It simply is what it is, she’s eternally grateful for finally having a constant in her life. Him. And that’s all that matters.

    But to Connor it’s more than just being with her - Aveline deserves this out of everyone he’s ever known. And he wants to be the man she calls husband even though just thinking about it completely drenches him in beads of sweat and nervousness. There’s no right time for this, there’s just the here and the now.
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: In truth Aveline’s always wanted a classic wedding ever since she was little. But those feelings have been so repressed and put aside that when the emotions start bubbling slowly inside of her it scares her.

    She’s so honed on not completely revealing her emotions but when she accidentally comes across Connor by Achillies grave; admitting how uncertain he is. She knows that this is all new for the both of them.

  • Who decorated the house: Upon hearing the news, the homesteader’s insist on decorating the Davenport estate. They ignore Aveline’s initial refusal for help but ends up dropping her claim; when Connor easily accepts knowing it’s not a quarrel she can win. It’s mainly Ellen and her daughter, Maria but everyone chips in to put their mark for this special occasion.

    Connor makes sure to place his tribes motif on the walls of the main hall. While Aveline intertwines the curtians with top quality New Orlean silks and trinkets.

  • Who does the cooking: Aveline brings back all the memories of ‘home’ to her new life. Complex french cuisines alongside the venison soup shes learned to make from her Connor.

    And the Native is one not to refuse as he’s become used to the sight of her cooking within his kitchen, hmming a foreign song on her plump lips. It’s only when he sneaks a taste, his firm chest pressed against her back that his contented calm is disturbed by a wack he gets from the back of spoon Aveline’s been cooking with. She growls disapprovingly before quickly letting go of her sudden anger when he nibbles her ear.

  • Who does the cleaning: Connor’s already so used to taking care of himself and living in this house; everything has become habitual. He’s the morning bird of the two. He rises with the sun and instantly goes off to feed what livestock they have, cleans the stables and chops wood for Aveline to burn when she’s ready to make breakfast.

    He works systematically but naturally, without thinking yet with intent and purpose. Aveline can’t help but notice that he does everything he can with the best of his efforts. No matter how small the chore. Yes, truly she’s always been attracted to a man of actions.

  • Who is more organized: Connor. Not that Aveline isn’t but he can’t go a day without noticing if even the smallest thing has been misplaced. Pens always back in the ink well, papers always in the desk.

    Sometimes those actions make her remember Gerald, and she can’t help but miss her best friend she’s left behind.

  • Who initiates bedroom fun: The Mohawk is much too shy and reserved to start the majority of their sex. So Aveline takes it upon herself to always starts and set the tempo. Her oozing confidence and not so subtly remarks always drives him crazy. Connor never tires from her and the feeling of her supple, soft, caramel skin against his own.

    Connor knows each and every scar on her body and their story.

  • Who suggested kids first: She knows that he wants children but refrains from ever mentioning it. It’s the one thing she feels true insecurity about. It’s not her skills as a mother she questions but her body that she believes to be too old. The window of fertility has passed for her. Most of the time it doesn’t bother her, but on the of chances when they do; she can’t stop the tears from reaching her hazel orbs.

    Yet she’s completely blown out of the water when Dr. White tells her that the mulatto is with, not just one but two children.

  • Who apologises first when they fight: Connor, he’s never sure of what he does wrong for the majority of the time. But surely he’s the one to blame and honestly, Aveline can sure brood for days.

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Idris Elba and Lucy Liu at HBO’s Official 2014 Emmy After Party at The Plaza at the Pacific Design Center on August 25, 2014 

Idris Elba and Lucy Liu at HBO’s Official 2014 Emmy After Party at The Plaza at the Pacific Design Center on August 25, 2014 

lavernecox: Behind the scenes of the October cover shoot for@essencemag with @nikkibeharie. Isn’t she lovely?

lavernecoxBehind the scenes of the October cover shoot for@essencemag with @nikkibeharie. Isn’t she lovely?


30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 3 : Favorite Villain - Crocodile

Dogs that run away to lick their wounds have no right to speak of justice. That is a rule of this sea. Now, why don't you go back to your Marine headquarters and discuss your justice some more?!


By: i-loove-quidditch
[Of course, not. He IS.]

Oooooo! <333 He IS indeed!



[Of course, not. He IS.]

Oooooo! <333 He IS indeed!



Liz Climo on Tumblr.

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I ship ShinjixMshe so bad. \m/


I ship ShinjixMshe so bad. \m/

A Cup Half Full, an one piece fanfic | FanFiction 



A Cup Half Full

Summary: “I know that one day, my father’s going to ask me to get married and yet somewhere in my heart, I know that I’ll be unhappy.” Vivi stated.

Rating: T
Fandom/Couple: One Piece - Zoro x Vivi


Notes: My first Zoro x Vivi fanfiction, this is a stand alone piece. Much more retrospective and thoughtful than anything else. I’m currently working on a multi-chaptered fanfic of them so for anyone that’s interested in the couple; I would really like some feedback.

For those that are interested, my next ZV fanfic takes place when Luffy is Pirate King and Zoro is already the Greatest Swordsman in the world.

Connorline Week? 

Hey peoples! I was wondering about doing something for the community to help boost the morale of Connorline shippers. As the president of the Connorline club on deviantart; I was wondering if anyone would be interested in taking part in a Connorline Week campaign?

So for those who don’t know what that is - it’s basically where there will be 7 themes for each day, in which users can take part in supporting the couple of Connor Kenway from AC3 and Aveline De Grandpre from AC3:L through their choice of media. (Whether that’s fanfictions, digital art pieces, OST’s, music videos, etc.)

I want to see the general reception first before actually starting. I know for myself as both a writer and artist I would love to start something like this. But it takes more than one for it to be an actual event.

I’ll be posting this on both tumblr and deviantart for feedback. So folks, while I know people would say how much of a good idea it is. I want to know if you’d actually participate yourselves?

Thank you so much.